Code of Conduct

We are aiming to represent one of the finest regiments that ever existed. Therefore our members must meet our etiquette;

1. They must be respectful to everyone no matter the circumstance. This may be fellow members or players out with the community. This also covers insulting someone, racism, bullying and discrimination. At all times you are representing the community and must show the highest level of maturity.

2. Follow Orders. This is extremely vital as you must follow orders given by your Commanding Officer or Superior to the letter and must be done so without argument or hesitation. If you don't agree with the tactics being used by your Superior there is a time and place to bring your point forward. During events is not the time and you must respect their decisions.

3. They must learn and train to become a proficiently skilled soldier in tactics as well as skill.

4. A member must remain active to be a useful contributor to the community, attend trainings and events when you can and if not please inform us so that we know.

5. Extremely high levels of behavior and discipline is to be shown at all times no matter where you are.

6. Do not team kill.

7. Don't spam in game swear extensively.

8. Members must always wear the community tags on teamspeak.

If a member is to do well within the regiment they must do their best to follow the Code of Conduct. Following this will lead to promotions if the member is proficient enough to fulfill the role.