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Important 20r Guidebook

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This guide is filled with all the info you need to know about the 20r. It is encouraged all member's read this.

Behaving As A 20r Member

Hello fellow 20r. This is vital Intel of what you should always have in mind when playing, and should know as a 20r.

These lines concern your personal behavior, and applies any time you're online
These lines refer to you being a member of a 20r squad
These lines refer your time in a 20r platoon

Basic Rules

You wear the [20r] TAG and all your actions are seen by others in general as the 20r behaviour, even if that's not necessarily so, and it is your single individual action. It's a mind association people make. So be on your best behavior at all times since you represent us collectively, be sure to give respect and refrain from any actions that place us all in a bad light

You are an clan member which means you joined the 20r ranks to have team-play sessions with organisation and all other things that go with that. So upon connecting, check for fellow members in your squad and play with them and if they are not on or you do not feel like playing the same game you may join other squads and play with them as long as you ask them for permission.

Always ask, and refer to the High Command if there's anything you need, if you want to pursue something or if you have any questions what so ever on anything clan related. If there is a situation, or if you're not sure what to do, a ask it on Teamspeak, ask it in the website pm system or on Discord. . There is always a Command/Staff member connected and able to help you.

Code of Conduct:

We are aiming to represent a respectful, active, competitive yet fun gaming clan. Therefore our members must follow these rules

1. They must be respectful to everyone no matter the circumstance. This may be fellow members or players outside of the community. This also covers insulting someone, racism, bullying and discrimination. At all times you are representing the community and must show the highest level of maturity.

2. Follow Orders. This is extremely vital as you must follow orders given by your Commanding Officer or Superior to the letter and must be done so without argument or hesitation. If you don't agree with the tactics being used by your Superior there is a time and place to bring your point forward. During events is not the time and you must respect their decisions you must wait after.

3. A member must remain ACTIVE to be a useful contributor to the community, attend mandatory events for your unit if you cannot then give the CO/NCO a reasonable excuse that they can accept prior to it. A member must also be active on the WEBSITE on a regular basis and on TEAMSPEAK during an event

4. A high level of discipline during mandatory events and when an NCO/CO asks for it at any time

5. Do not purposefully attempt to conspire against or hinder the clan in anyway, shape or form

6. When in game during or not during an event you must be on teamspeak in order for others to join you since we are a community after all

7. If you desire to transfer units apply on the transfer unit thread

8. You may join other units in their events while not being in theirs if you ask for permission

9. If you are planning to go inactive, submit a application on the Leave of Absence Section/apply for the reserve company or you will be removed from the clan

If a member is to do well within the regiment they must do their best to follow the Code of Conduct. Following this will lead to promotions and further advancement within the community. Ignoring most of these may result in a punishment with the severity of it depending on the infraction itself. An infraction that has been conducted in a particular unit is dealt with by the unit leader while if the infraction affects the clan as a whole it'll be dealt with by the command staff.
Clan positions: These positions are used in every unit of the clan, positions are not ranks they are given to define a member's role within the 20r Gaming Community,

Squad and Platoon

- Squad Member (SM) - Squad Members are the core group of the clan. This is what one becomes directly upon being accepted into the 20r. Squad Members, obviously, are attached to a Squad Unit upon acceptance or transfer.
Requirements: Acceptance into the 20r. Rank of Private (Pvt) or Private First Class (PFC) Specialist (SPC)

-Squad Assistant (SA)- Squad Assistant is given to a Squad Member within a squad as a trial for Squad Leader. It is the first staff position one can RECEIVE. During his time as a SA he will be trained and tested in his Leadership abilities. The job is to mainly keep discipline in the squad and to do several administrative jobs.
Requirements: Rank of Lance Corporal (Minimum)

- Squad Leader (SL) - Squad Leaders are the core group among the Chain of Command itself. Squad Leaders may lead units/squads of up to 15 members. They are skilled leaders and are able to MANAGE their men well in and out of game. They are the most dedicated to the clan and have contributed a lot to it. They maintain all their staff work on top of all of that. Refer to your squad leaders if you need anything.
Requirements: Rank of Corporal (minimum)

- Platoon Leader (PL) - Platoon Leaders are officers who may lead multiple squads in their platoon and oversee each squads activity.

- Staff Officer (SO) - Staff Officers are general officer-type roles in the Command Staff that fill a particular role in the clan.
Requirements: Rank of Warrant Officer, Company Sergeant, Master Sergeant and above

- Commanding Officer (CO) - Commanding Officers are in charge of the unit in which they are assigned to. COs have the final say on what goes on in the unit therein. Ultimately, the Chain of Command (COC) of anyone determines who gets what final say, etc. Is in charge of day to day running of his unit.
Requirements: Dependent on type of Unit


Battalion: A Battalion in the clan holds multiple COMPANIES, battalions are meant to separate the companies into 3 to make it easier to control and manage. A battalion can also be formed for one sole game if the game has a large enough community within a clan. For example if we had a massive Battlefield community that stretched into different timezone or platforms there would be a while battalion dedicated to it.

COMPANY: Companies are meant for a game genre, each member is assigned to a certain company depending on the game they SIGNED UP for. For example, A Company is F2P thus all F2P games fall under A Company.

Platoon: Platoons separate members from each company depending on several factors (Region/Platform/Specialization) or the overall size of the company

Squad: There are 3-4 squads in each platoon, they are run by Squad Leaders and Assistants. It is the basic unit with 10-15 members.
How to get promoted:

Gone are the days of instant rank promotions for battlefield valor. Getting promotions in this clan is becoming increasingly competitive for a limited number of promotions. Fortunately, there are plenty of things you can do to push yourself ahead of the pack when it comes to getting that next rank. Read on to learn more.

Representation - Members should be proud to be in this regiment, thus should represent it well accordingly e.g showcasing the regiment well in public servers and events, wearing 20r tags at all times in teamspeak, putting [20r] in your name on steam.

Maturity - All members should be already mature to be in this regiment however a high level of maturity is needed for ranks with seniority. You need to set an example to follow.

Dedication and loyalty - Promotions will always be handed out to the most loyal and dedicated members of the regiment, regiment hoppers who been and quit the regiment a couple times will have considerably less CHANCES of a promotion to those who been loyal to this regiment during it's best and darkest days.

Go above and beyond your normal duties - Showing that you are hard working will help you get noticed when it comes to getting promoted. You could simply fulfill your normal duties and nothing more and still get promoted eventually. Such things include;

Put in your time and SERVICE - The regiment won't promote you before a certain amount of time has passed. However, time and your commander's OK are all you need for a promotion within the first few ranks.

Keep in good shape prior to a promotion - Be in good shape prior to a promotion, trolling/misbehaving can jeopardize your CHANCES of a promotion.

Be in our good BOOKS - As with any promotion, you need to get along with your superiors. Now this is not to say you have to have your lips glued to their behind, but you do need to be respectful and will to do the jobs that are asked of you. After all it is your superiors that will recommend you for promotion when the time comes. Stay on good terms with them and you fill find yourself up for promotion more quickly.

Attendance - Show up on time and get the job done right, every day (or night). Job performance and high attendance counts for a lot toward your promotion.

Be patient, your time will come. - The regiment has a limited number "slots" for each rank, so only a fraction of the eligible service members are promoted the first time.

A Microphone and the willingness to use it. - A microphone is a must if you want to be a NCO in the future.

RECRUITMENT - Members that RECRUIT for this regiment always will have their names pop up in CO/NCO meetings and will most likely make it to the promotion short list. RECRUITMENT's not only a good way of getting promoted but it increases the chances of more position openings in the regiment.

Website ACTIVITY - The 20r Gaming Community has a very good website, members who use our website regularly will not only show dedication but show the willingness of being an ACTIVE community member.

Other Forum RECRUITMENT Threads - The 20r Gaming Community has recruitment threads on other sites. Members who regularly post on our thread are well on their ways to a promotion.

Understanding of upcoming roles - Members beforehand must know what duties they will undertake if they are granted a promotion for a rank. Such duties for each rank can be found above

Donations - Members won't exactly be able to "buy their rank" by donating tons and tons of their money but if a member donates every now and again to the regiment among with other things then that will certainly be appreciated by the officers.

Clan Opportunities

Hello to all the new members of the 20r, it is a pleasure to include you into our ranks. This thread is to inform you all on some of the possibilities and things you can achieve that you probably didn't know about!

1) Media Team: If you have special talents in graphic design, video editing/recording, journalism etc. The 20r runs a Media team which creates content for the 20r Gaming Clan. Some benefits include a portfolio of all your work in case you need it in the future and deals with other clans where they would pay you for your work.

2) Transferal of existing Units:You as a 20r member are able to play other games the 20r is in with other established units while remaining in your current one! If you are ever bored of your current primary game or are burnt out the 20r ensures that if you are a Squad Member you will be able to transfer to a different unit belonging to a different game and maintain your current rank.

3) Founding a Unit: If you desire to lead you are able to create your own for any game you desire, all you need to do is ask permission from the 20r Col. Dashoor in order for them to commission it. Once they accept your unit will begin in F Company under trial supervision until it is deemed active and fit enough to be an official 20r Division.

4) Servers: The 20r has a serverbox as part of its assets. If you would like to request a server for personal use to be created for a specific game you must request it from WO4. Fitz. If you would like to start a community server for a video game such as Rust. Minecraft, Garry's mod you must go through the same channel and must have a written plan of action as to how the server will run.

5) Clan Wars: The 20r is primarily a pvp oriented clan. The clan also seeks out other gaming clans of similar size in order to do larger scale games against them, so if you ever dreamed of participating in a large Clan vs. Clan war the 20r is sure as hell involved in them.

6) Community Hosted Events: The 20r also has weekly community events for various videogames that we do not have divisions for if you would ever like to participate in them! You also as a member have the ability to host your own community events as long as you announce it on the website.

7) Ranking Up/Medals and Honors: Every 20r member has the ability to rank up and achieve medals via various ways listed in the guidebook.

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